The Road to Sixty – Day 209

The Road to Sixty – Day 209

A little surprise…

When I came home last night it had began to snow. I really didn’t expect accumulation but we had a good dusting and piled up on the car 

I like the snow, but I don’t like the cold. So when I got up this morning and took the dog outside I was pleasantly surprised with the snow. 

And it was cold. 

But it was the type of snow that clung to the trees and everything in its way.

And it was beautiful. 

I took the moment to take a good deep breath of the cold air as I looked down into the property.

I prayed. 

There are many on my list with tribulations and triumphs. I prayed that God would heal. And I gave thanks for healings.

I prayed for the lost. Those that need God, those that have left Him.

I prayed they will come home.

After my prayer, off in the distance I could see a few deer playing in the snow. There was a young one looking like it was pestering a older one. 

It was peaceful. Quiet. 

Be still…listen…look…God is there.

Till tomorrow…

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