The Road to Sixty – Day 210

Today I had the opportunity to birthday party for Mrs. Margie Hatchett. She turned 90 years young today. It was great to see how her family celebrated this day. Lots of photos, food and singing!.

Her twin sons sang familiar songs that she loves and the special one that was written by her late husband. “For Better or Worse” was a poem at first the the boys added the music. I will be honest it will bring tears to your eyes. (maybe I will post the video later)

I got to see these three today, they were in my youth group and they are a joy in my life. They are amazing adults, they have awesome spouses, even better they are faithful christians. They encourage me!

When I look at the faithfulness of this family, I can’t help but think about the parents Mr. and Mrs. Hatchett have been and how that moved through the generations. 

And will for the future ones!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Hatchett! I hope you enjoyed your day!

Till tomorrow…

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