The Road to Sixty – Day 211

The Road to Sixty – Day 211

Let’s have some fun!

One of the greatest things each month is our local Youth Area wides. From August through May, various congregations host in our area. Hundreds of teens and adults in worship together make my heart and soul so uplifted. 

Tonight was at Highland with over 500 in attendance, Hunter Kennemer did a fabulous job in speaking. The singing was tremendous. 

After a great meal, we all went to Tin Pin Alley for bowling and Laser tag. The packed place with young people enjoying their time together in good fun!

Yes, I did bowl with the group and we all laughed together. 

I’ve  heard people say that we are declining. That may be true in some areas, but I see good growth with our young people. I see their hearts, their love for the church, their love for the Lord! 

The here and now is bright with wonderful young people!

Keep shining your light! Keep bringing people to the Lord!

Till tomorrow…

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