The Road to Sixty – 212

The Road to Sixty – 212

Rainy Days and Monday…..

It was a Carpenters song….if you don’t know it, google or youtube it!

I like sunshine and there are days I need it. Today was one of those days.  When I woke up it was raining…when I went out it was raining…before Bible study tonight…it was raining. 

Okay you get it! It has been raining!

When it is dreary you have got to look for the sunshine. (Florida sounded nice) 

But I found my sunshine today…

It was in the quiet of the house as I studied for tonights Garage Bible study. 

It was Lucy (our dog) lying beside me, just wanting to be next to my leg.

It was in the coffee shop when I ran into a former youth group member and her 8 year old daughter. 

It was in the Grocery store when I ran into the parent of some awesome kids! 

It was in the Garage tonight watching kids eat pizza rolls and being excited. 

It was the warmth of the hearts of those who prayed diligently, studied with their heart and shared love with each other. 

There was much sunshine today! In the hearts of Gods people!

Rainy Days and Monday may get some down…but I found sunshine on this rainy day!

Till tomorrow…

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