The Road to Sixty – Day 214

The Road to Sixty – Day 214

Wet Wednesday

Rain Rain go away….

Storms moved through our area and has left it damage in our area. I was talking about this with someone and they were saying I wish it would quit raining. 

That got me thinking…It really doesn’t matter what the weather is, someone will not be happy.  

So we take what we get! On this day I got wet! 

But I must say I got some pretty neat things today! When I was at our preschool this young boy came running up to me and handed me a valentine! 

He gave me my High-Five and went running! 

It reminded me of the children’s song:

If all of the Rain drops were lemon drops and game drops,

Oh what a wonderful rain it would be!

Each day is what we make of it…

Sunshine, rain, light or dark, we make the choice of how that day will be.

Today I chose to be happy!

Even when wet!

Till tomorrow…

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