The Road to Sixty – Day 215

The Road to Sixty – Day 215

After the rain, I know there are people assessing the damage all around, roads, houses, trees and flooding. 

Say a special prayer for those involved. 

Today was a great day with some of our staff members from Spring Meadows. We are always dreaming about new ways to reach out to the community. We are working through some new software and incorporating it with the congregation.

So I have to be patient. When something new comes along I can be reluctant, but eventually I realize how good it can be.  

We are gearing up for Lads to Leaders, our teens are excited about the Young Adult Banquet and the Young at Heart Banquets coming up and CYC is right around the corner. 

A 5 til 9 devotional thought and preparation to speak in Clarksville tomorrow makes for a wonderful day. 

I love my work!

Till tomorrow…

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