The Road to Sixty – 216 – Part Two

The Road to Sixty – Day 216 – Part Two

Happy Valentines Day!!!

We don’t do it up fancy, in fact we have a small tradition.

We go to White Castle!

Yes, White Castle burgers and we have enjoyed the past few years on Valentines day going there! 

There was one problem this year…..

The one we normally go to CLOSED. 

So that would have meant going to Nashville and finding one there.

But WAIT!!!

We had seen them for sale in the freezer section and we were quite convinced that they couldn’t be as good as the store. 

So we tried it… and they were good! Added some waffle fries and our meal was complete. 

But seriously, it don’t take much. Time with each other, is worth more than any fancy meal. 

She is my Valentine. She is pretty amazing. She makes me better. She keeps me grounded. I’m glad she’s mine and I’m hers! 

Happy Valentines Day Pam.

I love you!

Till tomorrow…

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