The Road to Sixty – Day 216 – Part One

The Road to Sixty – Day 216 – Part One

Yes, this will be a 2 part day – 

This morning I went to Clarksville Christian School to speak at their two chapel services. 

This school is really growing! An amazing faculty and staff led by their President and their Principal. 

Stephanie Travis is a good friend and has been for several years now. Her role as the Principal is great. I had the opportunity to spend some time with her as she spoke about her dreams for the student body and the growth of the school. Her passion for her students is contagious!

The student body welcomes you with a great warmth and resounding love. I wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s a good school!

I also had lunch with Steve Kirby, Travis Hartle and Harris Fondren ministers at the Hilldale church of Christ. I didn’t get a photo with them but enjoyed having lunch with them. They are doing some really good things for the church in Clarksville. Thanks for the time together!

To be continued…

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