The Road to Sixty – Day 217

The Road to Sixty – Day 217 

Saturday…well it’s Saturday.

It’s one of those rare days that there was not some place to be…so I slept later today. 7am!

After reading and studying, I went for a ride, just to clear my mind. Went the backroads all the way to Huntsville. And she you are in Huntsville there is one place that you must stop. Big Spring Cafe. Dale Jenkins introduced me to this place several years ago and if I’m in the area it’s a must stop. They have great hamburgers. 

Coming back home was a beautiful drive, windows down and radio up. 

And a bag of hamburgers.

After working on a project for CYC (you all are going to love this), It was dinner with the wife!

We are preparing for worship tomorrow at Spring Meadows and we would love for you to came and be our guest! 

Hope you are preparing to worship too!

Till tomorrow…

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