The Road to Sixty – Day 218

The Road to Sixty – Day 218

I’m still amazed at my family

If you worship with us at Spring Meadows you will find a great group of people that love the Lord and each other. 

How do I know? 

Well, it is simple, see how long they stay after worship on Sunday morning or after Bible Class on Sunday evenings. It is not uncommon for people to stay 30 – 40 minute, even over an hour. What are they doing? 

Spending time with each other…talking, small children are playing, teens are huddled in their groups and adults are scattered around just enjoying each others company. 

It reminds me of home long ago. Families would get together kids would be one place, ladies in another and the men would gather wherever…. but they were under one roof. 

A family.

That’s what my church family means to me…I look around and I thank God for each one at Spring Meadows. I’m glad we talk and spend time with each other. I’m glad I’m one of the last ones to leave the building. 

When we leave I can’t help but think…

I can’t wait till I see my family again!

Till tomorrow…

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