The Road to Sixty – Day 219

The Road to Sixty – Day 219

A Roller Coaster Day

Mondays are good days…Prep for the The Garage Bible Study – Study for future classes and planning.

Being a holiday the kids were out of school and we enjoyed a good lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. We laughed and had a great time together.

Afterwards, I went to the funeral of Betty Bender. Betty and I worked at West 7th together. Her story is amazing. She has influenced so many people throughout her life. She was a great friend and sister. I always enjoyed seeing her each week at The Bridge Assistant Living for Bible study. While there she still had the opportunity to be an influence as she had a concern for others more than self.

While I know that she has received what she has longed for several years, my heart is saddened that I and others have lost a dear friend. 

I thank God for her influence.

The Garage Bible Study was really good tonight! The internet was off and on so it didn’t broadcast well tonight. But that was okay, our discussion was really good and I appreciate these young people so much with their Hunger and Thirst for Jesus. 

Tonight, I received a photo that made my heart skip a bit…

MIla Dean with pig-tails. Yes, our little one is getting out of the baby stage and moving up. Can’t wait to see them all again!

Thank you God for this day!

Till tomorrow…

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