The Road to Sixty – Day 220

The Road to Sixty – Day 220

Tuesday is a day that I love to study, generally starts very early in the morning. I look forward to the time that is quiet. The time to pray, open the scriptures and to look forward to teaching my classes coming this week. 

Lunch came today with Dale and another great friend.

Van Vansandt. 

Van and I have been friends for 40 years and a trusted friend. Van is one of my favorite speakers. I say that because of his passion for people and love for the Lord. 

We have spent some time together. When we were younger we ventured off to a Braves game with our families. we have worked with Horizons for many year and even played some music together.

We have shared some joyous times together, but we have also shared sorrow and pains. 

I am thankful I a have friend like him, I am thankful I have a brother like him. 

The old song says “Sometimes we laugh together, sometimes we cry.” 

I am thankful that we share the common bond of faith, and the the common bond of love. 

Thanks for lunch today and the laughter!

Till tomorrow…

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