The Road to Sixty – Day 226

The Road to Sixty – Day 226
So what can I say…
Today my baby girl Danae has a birthday. It has been a joy to have she and Zachary and the girls here at the house. 
The house is a wreck with toys and clothes but oh there is so much joy…
Every year I share this video from the day of her birth. Tonight we will watch it as a family ( a longer version) we will see so many people that have touched our lives.
My heart aches a little knowing that Mom and Kenny (father in law) are not here …it is another one of those first.
We will sing Happy Birthday and blow out candle and have some cake and Ice Cream. 
It will be good to share this day Pam and her Mom Joyce Phelps
Happy Birthday Danae! Love you more than ever and I’m glad you are home!

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