The Road to Sixty – Day 227

The Road to Sixty – Day 227

After the day of celebration of Danaes birthday, I woke up this morning to beautiful sunrise. 

Coffee ready, Bible open, emails checked….

Prayed for this day…

Met with our staff for lunch where we work and dream about the works at Spring Meadows. I love our team and how we work together. Preparing for the next event and discussing what will make the church stronger. 

A blessing of the day, was coming home to see a new door place in the Garage, One that was there had rusted and was wore out. Thanks Zach!

Another blessing was having the all the girls run to me….

Now let me explain who the girls are..

Paisley – 4 year old granddaughter

Mila Dean – 1 year old granddaughter

Mali – 8 year old German Shepherd

Lucy – 7 year old ball of hair!

Seriously, when I walked in the house I was bombarded by them!

The dogs didn’t want to, but they gave up their space for the other girls!

I am blessed!

Till tomorrow!

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