The Road to Sixty – Day 229-232

The Road to Sixty – Day 229 – 232 


CYC is one of the most powerful times of our year. Other than Maury Christian Camp it is the largest gathering of our youth group. So allow me to reflect a bit over the last 4 days. 

This does not happen by chance…It’s a year long process for us. 

We have one member that reserves our Chalets and orders our tickets. (Our Chalets are reserved for 2021 already) 

We have a deacon that takes care of ALL our transportation, acquiring drivers, renting vehicles and making sure we get from point A to B. 

Then we have our chaperones…amazing Moms and Dads and others that look after every child making sure they are secure, where they need to be. A listening ear when needed. 

We cannot forget our loved ones that prepare our meals for us, When we arrive Friday to unload, a meal is ready, dessert late that night. Saturday Breakfast and Lunch prepared, then a late night brownie and ice creme tops off a great day.

There are others…A mom who made 72 LARGE cinnamon rolls, members that paid for young people to go on this trip and of course the people who prayed, fervently. 

So Jerry…what do you do? 

I get to minister, to stay up to 2-3-4 am to pray  with young people to see young people immersed into Christ, added to the church. 

I get to hear their hearts pour out for two hour on how much they love each other, care for each other, want others to be a part of this family. 

I get to set on the steps of the chalet and listen to my young men start an impromptu Bible study with ALL the boys of the youth group. (they didn’t know I was there) 

I get to laugh and love the parents of our family. Even cry with them. 

I get to hang out in the COLD and feel totally warm inside.

I get to tell people how much I love them. 

I get to see friends from the past and make new ones!

I get to serve before 14000+ in helping the Lord’s church to grow! 

I get to listen to my friends, Reed, Ralph, Craig, Lonnie, to sing with Jon and Jason.

I get to serve with my friends Larry and Dale!

I get to share Gods love!

I get to be me!

Thank you God, for your church, thank you God for your son, thank you God for allowing me to do your work!

Tonight I rest…can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…

Let your will be done!

Till tomorrow

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