The Road to Sixty – Days 235-236-237

The Road to Sixty – Day 235-236-237


So Dale call and asked If I wanted to go with him to Alabama…

Of course I do!  


He explained, about a few things that he needed to do and it would require an overnight!

I had some business I needed to take care of so I said let’s go!

So Friday morning it was Columbia – Talladega – Munford, while there we checked on the family graves. After a check on the home place, it was up to another cemetery tp see some graves of family. 

We went to The Shack BBQ, My cousins place and they had some Boston Butts that were sent to the relief efforts in Nashville, She has always been so good in helping the community. 

We had some time to kill before our next meeting so it was “let’s take the backroads” time! We did and we got lost…sort of…

We ended up in Odenville, Alabama…

I know you just said….where?

It may be a bit off the road but it has one of the best hidden secrets. 

The Mustang Museum of America!!!!

104 of the most beautiful cars you will ever see, one from every model year with the exception of 4 years.  2 hours later and listening to some great stories it was time to go!

We visited a Caleb Sampson and his family that evening after hearing him preach in a meeting. It was good to be with Paul Spurlin and his daughter for a late dinner with all of us. 

Saturday Morning was with the North Alabama Children’s Home annual Coats Ride. They loaded us down with BBQ chicken and pork to take to Mt. Juliet. 

We made it to Mt. Juliet in time to drop off the meals enough to feed many people. As we drove to the building we caught just a glimpse of the damage in the community. 

My heart relived Tuesday morning. 

Sunday was the day to worship – we gathered together to pray and sing. We sang what is being called #Sawyerssong “Holy, Holy, Holy” a song a little 2 year old dearly loved. At this writing, hundreds if not thousands of churches sang this song today. 

It was great to be with my friend Travis Creasy tonight at the Area-wide at Catheys Creek! It was a joy to be with our church families from all over! 

What a beautiful 3 days!

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