To the Class of 2020

To the Class of 2020…

It’s that time of year that I have traditionally written something for those that are graduating. 

So here we go…

I could write about the negative…you know the negatives, you are tired of hearing about them.

I could write about the disappointments… You have and are living through them.

I could write about those words you now despise…unprecedented, pause, quarantine, isolation. 

Okay, I will quit, even these things make me uneasy…..

Let’s talk about the positives….

I along with many others are extremely proud of you!  I would ask you to define your greatest accomplishments of your high school and college careers. 

You are a serving generation. You have a genuine concern for others around you. You have provided meals, collected clothing, help to provide shelter. I have heard people say, “oh these kids are selfish,” but that’s not what I see, (and I see a lot of kids!) I guess I see you in a different light.

You are intelligent!  Now wait a minute, Mr. Jerry, I’m not graduating with honors, I’m not that smart! Don’t sell yourself short! Intelligence is not always defined by the grade on the paper but can also be define by the will and knowledge of the inner person. Some of the most intelligent people I have ever known never had a high-school or college degree. For those that have the academic intelligence, wow, you are amazing! Please keep on! 

You are difference makers! I am so glad we are not all alike. That we all have our own character, personality, talents. It’s what helps us live with each other. To build each other up! To make changes in lives and in society. 

You are encouragers! You have lifted up those that are discouraged and you have praised those that have succeeded! You have helped little children and become friends with the elderly. You have give hope to the homeless and embraced those that have struggled. 


Keep doing what you are doing…and then some!

Keep serving…and then some!

Keep growing in knowledge…and then some!

Keep making a difference…and then some!

Keep encouraging…and then some!

Finally, remember this! You are loved! God loves you, your family loves you, your friends love you and finally I love you…and then some!

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