The Road to Sixty – Day 366

The Road to Sixty Day 366 (Remember it is a leap year)

If you recall I started the Road to Sixty one year ago. I wrote for 238 days on this journey to my 60th birthday. 

Someone asked me why I quit after that day. 

Let me explain…

I never quit writing daily, I just quit publishing it. There were more things important to do (and still are). 

When all of the Covid, Corona, Virus, stuff came in, I realized that I needed to focus more on the spiritual matters of my life and the lives of others. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, you will see that Road to Sixty never stopped, the “Think About It Series” with over 40 days of my friends allowed me to share the Good News of Jesus throughout the World!

Candy Cannons going to all of our children’s homes during the “shut down”
Chicken Runs with Dale and feeding thousands of people.
Honoring our High School Seniors in a much different way this Year!
Special classes and Webinars with my Dale and  Jeff A Jenkins!
5 two-day camps at my home, so we could have an experience of the camp we miss so much!
Horizons at Spring Meadows Horizons at FHU last week so we could continue the 40 year streak of leadership training for young men and ladies
An Awesome Jr-Sr Retreat spent in the mountains hiking 5 miles and passing a torch to next years Seniors!

So for the last 127 days my life and ministry has been more intentional, more intense and more purposeful. 

It was more than writing about ME, it is more about ME thinking about YOU!

and now THANK YOU!

On the day of my 60th birthday I received so many messages, text, Facebook, Instagram, cards. Memes…(Thanks Webb)

There is no way I can thank you all personally, but I will try. 

Im glad that this day fell on a Sunday,
It was good to worship God with the church inside a building to see people face to face or some mask to mask. 

I got to do some of my favorite things:
Have Mr. Jerry time with the little ones.
Work with our Live – Virtual VBS with AngieJaret and Jessica.
Teach our Teen Zoom classes. 

But the best….
Being with my beautiful wife for a simple catfish meal together, to talk, to share, to love.

Having my pride and joy Danae and  Zachary come home bringing the gifts that lift my heart each time I see them!

Holding my grandchildren and reading a book or singing songs or just jumping up and down!

Conclusion – Epilogue – Whatever you call the ending!

My “Road to Sixty” was filled with the highs and lows of life, the hardest hit was losing Mom in October.

As I look back at this journey of life I thank God for the journey. He has been and will be with me ALL the way. 

I hope you will keep walking with me too!
As Willie Nelson would say..I’m on the Road Again!
Thank you again and I love you all…

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