One Year

One Year.

I was reluctant to post this photo, but it is our last one together. 

It has been one year today that you took final breath on this earth. 

One year since we held your hand. 

One year since we heard your voice.

One year. 

and yes….my heart still hurts.

I still get up, make the coffee and wait for you to come and drink a cup with me. I even listen for that small slurping sound just before it hits your lips. 

Your cup still hangs in the same place. 

I still walk through the door of your bedroom in our house and listen for things you need me to do. 

My phone goes off every Friday at 10:30 to take you to the beauty shop to get your hair fixed.

Every Alabama game is somewhat not the same after setting with you for 8 years nearly every week to watch them! I’m glad I have that video of you saying those precious words…”Roll Tide!”

Of course, I’m not the only one that misses you!  Everyone does. Gail, the grandkids and the great-grandkids.

Uncle Ernest misses his phone calls.

I know Danae misses the advice that you could give her when I couldn’t. 

While your voice still resonates in my head I smile. Sometimes just Iike with Dad, I find myself saying a phrase or doing something just like you. Sometimes I laugh and people might wonder why? Most of the time, it’s because I can still hear your reaction. 

I thank God for the memories and I could write more than a book for this. 

Just know this….

I miss you, but I’m glad you are not suffering.

I’m thankful for the assurance of being together again!

Thanks for being my Mom!

I love you Mom!


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