2020 – The Year that was…uh..is..well

2020 – The Year that was…uh..is..well

As I write this on the next to the final night of 2020, there have been many word to describe this year…






I get it…and that is just the start. 

I was in the midst of my writing of “My Road to Sixty” when the pandemic (there’s that word) hit. In fact I quit writing daily because of it. 

Everyone was put in a quandary! 

Mask – Shut down – Cancel – Cancel – Postpone

Then you hear this phrase, “when we get back to normal!”

Allow me for a moment to make some observations, I promise I will be brief.

While I know there were many bad things around, I saw many GOOD things take place.

I saw FAMILIES together, did you try to purchase a bicycle this year, they were hard to come by. I saw families riding together down sidewalks and bike paths. If they were not biking they were walking, playing in the front yard, hiking TOGETHER>

They became creative, I believe imagination came back along with story telling and other adventures.

I saw the church doing more…now follow me here, 

I saw the church (people) helping one another. Childcare, food, dinners, trips, setting in hospital parking lots. 

You see many times people will state that the church should do more. The fact is we will NEVER know how much the church does because we don’t do this for OUR glory…

We do this to GLORIFY GOD!

I saw communities fed and sheltered after Tornados, Hurricanes and other disasters. 

I have seen the BAD…but I have witnessed the GOOD!

I will choose to continue to do good…sounds somewhat Biblical. (Look it up)

So farewell 2020, thank you for allowing me to focus on those things are good in the midst of the bad!

P.S. What about 2021?  Keep seeking, keep serving!

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