10 years…

10 years….

It’s been 10 years since Dad has passed away. 

10 years.

I guess I’m like all the rest when I say “it doesn’t seem like it” or “ sometimes it seems longer!”

I had the opportunity to be on the road today to go to one of my favorite places. Freed-Hardeman University, I was taking some of Mom’s things to donate to the associates for a sale they are having for scholarships. 

Someone asked me what I missed the most about Dad….

I could say some of his phrases that he would say and the way he would say them. If I use that phrase…I hear his voice. 

I miss the fun side of his life… after Dad repented of his sins and came back to the Lord, he truly changed and loved living life with people. He loved to laugh, sometimes till the tears came.

I miss the spiritual conversations we had….”Son, I was studying the other day…”and he would talk about the scripture. There were no sweeter words to hear from my fathers mouth than the word of God!

I miss being with him…riding in a Tom’s Peanut truck, in an old Plymouth station wagon or a old C-10 chevy. 

I miss him.

With all the things I miss, I have faith that I will be with him someday. 

I don’t want to miss that!

So, Dad, we are doing okay…there is a lot of junk going on here and you are not missing a thing! 

I’m telling the Grand-babies all about you every chance I get. 

Give Mom a hug…

Always love you.


P.S. Roll Tide…we got number 18!

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