The Magic Spark

The magic spark….

It creates life…

From the moment it bears a light for all to see.

While that light is contained, we know that it is there.

We watch it get brighter with the hopes and expectation of seeing it in its brilliance.

We do not know where that light will shine.

Where it will go,

Whose life it will influence.

A family, a community, maybe the world!

That light has a soul, given by the Creator.

The light harbors the soul and is given even more power from that within, so it can shine brighter!

It will have the opportunity…to tell the story of the Creator and His Son.


What if the light is not given the opportunity to shine.

What if the light is put out by the darkness beyond control.

Light overcomes the darkness when given the chance!

Light brings strength, power and vision!

Light shows the way!

Light brings joy!

The light deserves to shine. 

Let the light have life!

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