A Beam, A Hammer and Nails

I had a young lad to give me this cross a couple of weeks ago, and this title kept going through my mind. Thanks Graeme

A Beam, A Hammer and Nails

It was a normal day for the men in uniform, 

Another prisoner put to death. 

A man in the middle and the thief on the right,

and another placed upon His left.

The man in the middle was treated no better

Than the two that were on His side.

In fact, it seemed His punishment was more severe

By the scourging that was viewed on His hide.

He carried that beam till he could no more,

His battered body in pain.

So they beckoned a man, who stood nearby.

To bear that beam for Him to be slain.

The hammer, I’m sure it was used before,

To fasten many a criminals hands.

There were none like this, so innocent as this,

That were pierced, No, not a one in this land. 

The nails were common, and were nothing unique,

To fasten Him to the beam.

But, they held him tight, A frightful sight,

To be heard, hammering into the King.

It wasn’t a hammer that killed this man, 

nor the nails that held Him to the beam.

It was the sin of man, that bound Him there,

For all the world to see.

He knew he must die, He had told it before,

As those prophets would tell.

Just how it would happen, no one would‘ve guessed,

It would be, A Beam, A Hammer and Nails

While you think that was the end of the line,

For the story of the Savior slain that day.

For those of us who live by faith,

It is the Master that was pointing the way.

For on day 3 the resurrection happened,

Just like He said it would.

Now I await, for His return,

And live just like I should.

So, I carry this cross that was given to me,

And a story I have to tell,

And remind others of His love for me

With A Beam, A Hammer and Nails.

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