It’s Happening!!!

It’s Happening….

Say what you want… something is happening.

People are saying the church is dying.. people are falling away, young people just don’t care. We will never get them back. 

You would think it is a lost cause…


Over the last several months I have personally witness close to 100 people confessing Christ and being baptized for the remission of sins.  

That is not counting the countless number I see DAILY on social media or through a phone call of people changing their lives and living for the Lord!!!

Something is happening!

I see more and more people talking about the ‘good news” of Jesus. They are sharing the message of salvation. 

People are trying to develop deeper relationships and they are doing this in various ways. 

Something is happening!

This is not a Covid thing….a political thing…

It is what GOD has asked, and we are responding.

Is it an Acts 2 moment…no, but each time I see or hear of one that gave their live to the Lord I rejoice! I want the world to know that God IS at work through HIS people and HIS CHURCH is alive and well…and growing!

Share the message, SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!

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