The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe….

C.S. Lewis had a story about the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A great story full of fascination.

I had my own wardrobe…
It was the closet for my room that had NO built in closet.
It wasn’t that big, but it held everything that I needed.

I recently brought it back to the house and now it is in my garage. I was looking at it and thinking about the memories that I have of that Wardrobe.

It is made of Cedar…every time I have opened the door I get the hint of that cedar tree smell. i didn’t realized that it was that way to keep moths out of the clothes. It’s empty right now, but I still open it just to see if I can get that smell from the time past.

It’s small compared to today’s standards. Right at 5’6’’ tall and 36 inches wide and 20 inches deep, it seems so small, but when you are young you think it is the largest piece of furniture in the house.

It could hold everything! Shirts, Pants, Coats were all hung up and there was storage in the bottom where you could keep your ball glove and blankets and special items that you didn’t want anyone else to find. It was also a great hiding place for hide and seek. (Remember the size of this person writing this story)…

I remember a certain person pulling this over (it was kind of top heavy) and another almost getting her nose broken by trying to catch it. We both lived.

Today I think of it as a treasure chest…
Inside I found the catchers mitt that I used in little league, a numbers game that was played by nephews and my daughter, a cigar box full of pencils and crayons. Many other treasures.

I will probably say goodbye to this soon and I would hope the next, could get joy out if it…

Even if it is a Wardrobe.

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