Without Love and Joy

I was watching the most recent Chevy commercial, https://youtu.be/c4-oyBnknHk the one where the husband has been a widower for several years and he goes out once a year to put a Christmas wreath on a barn. 

He then goes inside the barn to discard the old wreath and inside the barn is a 60’s model Chevy convertible covered in dust. He gets inside the car and reminisces about the past. Picking up a photo of his wife, he breaks down into tears, grieving, obviously missing his departed loved one.

His daughter from a distance witnesses the hurt and moment, then comes up with an idea.

Restore Mom’s car. 

Fast forward one year.  The man walks out to the barn, new wreath in hand, only to come up to a new wreath hanging on the barn. 

Upon opening the door he is welcomed by a beautiful restored car.

A smile and joy is visible, Love is gushing from his heart. Tears from his eyes!

He drives the car out of the barn to pick up the daughter. Upon getting in she says “It’s what Mom would have wanted!” 

Love and joy are present…again.

I know it’s a commercial, but for me I take something valuable away.

Without love and joy…there would be no grief. 

It is grief that helps us to remember that there is love and joy!

I grieve…I can give you a list of names of people that I miss. Then I think of the reason why I grieve.

Memories of a life filled with joy and love are embedded in my heart. Because of that my heart hurts, longing for the ones I love and I miss.  

Sometimes it takes others to help us through the process, family, friends helping us to find the love and joy we once had. 

In the end, happiness is found, joy is reclaimed, love is remembered.

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