Do You Love Me?

He looked at him and asked, “Do you love Me?”

The reply was simple….yes.

A second time He asked him, “Do you love Me?”

The reply was the same ….yes.

A third the question was asked, “Do you love Me?”

This time the reply was more emphatic….You know that I love you!!!!

This conversation between Peter and Jesus is one that has been read numerous times. 

What I left out was the responses that Jesus told him…

Feed My lambs

Tend My sheep

Feed my sheep

What grabs my attention is the question “Do you love me?”  Oh how I wish i could have seen and heard this exchange! I realized the emphasis is different in the word “love” each time. 

I put myself in the place of Peter and listen to the Master ask me these questions.
I am confident that my answer to these question would be the same.

But it is the depth of the answer that concerns me. Am I feeding lambs, tending and feeding sheep?

Or is it just a superficial answer that people and Jesus wants to hear.

Is it really from my heart, my soul? Is it seen in my life?

Is it a relationship with the Savior or someone I go to when I have a need?

Because I LOVE HIM!
I will serve HIM!

I will live for HIM!

I will share to other HIS name!

Why? Because I LOVE HIM!

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