Thank You for the Children

Thank you for the children!

These pictures here, give me hope!

The one with the little boy who’s just a year old, was at our family retreat this past weekend and every time I made an announcement he would come walking up and stand and look up and listen to everything I said. Later that evening he was in the cabin with his mother and father and started jabbering and moving his hands. His mom said “look, he is being just like Mr. Jerry” I had a lot of fun being with him and others, but this really made me think about some things.

I will be 80 years old when this young man graduates from high school. I also realized, that this is what drives me every day! To see these little ones grow up, to love their family, to love the Lord’s church, to love one another. These are the things that drive me to want to work harder for the Lord each and every day.

I often hear, Mr. Jerry, when are you going to retire? Well, #1,  I’m not old enough to retire right now and #2, I thank God for the health that I have and the drive that I have to want to serve him more each and every day and hopefully a long time!

So, when a little child looks up at me and I see the love in their eyes whether it be this one year-old that jabbers just like Mr. Jerry, whether it be that beautiful three year old granddaughter of mine who looks up at me and I see the love in her eyes and I see the love of the Lord already in her heart, this is why I press on, why I keep loving, why I keep serving the Lord each and every day!

I think it was someone pretty special that said “let the little children come to me!”

Thank you God, for the children in my life! 

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