When You Send Them Back

When you send them back….

You’ve been clothes shopping, supply purchasing, frantically getting everything together.


It’s time to go back to school!

We will see the photos from the first day back, the smiles on some faces and the tears on others.

Behind the camera is a parent that is watching their child grow. From the Pre-K class to the final “First Day” of Senior year, the heart sinks…

Just a few thoughts as this year begins, maybe these will help you and your family.

  1. Prepare – It’s easy to say, but in this “rat race” world we live in sometimes the preparation suffers. Prepare your family for the year and yes, even day by day. It’s the simple task that need the attention. 
  2. Practice – No I’m not talking about sports here, I’m talking about practicing the basics of life. To be kind to one another and walk away from the evil that WILL come around. The fruit of the Spirit works really well in the area of life, (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness,Gentleness and Self-Control.) Putting these things in your life will bring a BETTER life. Take care of yourself and others will follow.
  3. Pray – Before they walk out the door…get out of the car…at the bus stop! PRAY for their day, their safety, their courage. Pray for them to honor God in their day! 
  4. Provide nurture – TELL your children they are loved, SHOW your children they are loved and PROVIDE for them a loving atmosphere. 

Remember this is a journey and we are to be a LIGHT.  

Be patient…let me say that again…BE PATIENT. 

Not everything will go the way you expect it to and there will be obstacles in the way. 

Love your teachers…yes, LOVE, some will be starting their first year and some are finishing their career. They have an awesome responsibility and they know it! But if you will show love and respect that will go a long way in the relationships. 

Above all these things…help them to grow in the Lord! All of those AP classes and homework assignments will not mean a thing on the other side of this life. What will matter is that YOU have raised them to follow Jesus…to live like Him and to love like Him!

I pray this is the best year ever!


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