Senior Mystery Trip 2022

Senior Mystery Trip 2022

Our senior mystery trip for 2022 was simply fantastic! Our class of 2022 made their decision by choosing a number, 1,2 or 3. Each number represented the city that we would travel to. Decision was made by the majority of our seniors to go to number three. (No, they did not find out the other destinations.) 

Now remember they had no idea where they were going to, so we departed from the Spring Meadows Church of Christ building after Bible class on Sunday evening. And we began to head north, our first major stop was in Louisville Kentucky, at the Cedar Springs Church of Christ where we stayed in their building the first night. I had told them to bring sleeping bags and pillows and toiletries. Some thought that we were going camping.

The next morning we are on the road by 8:00 AM and headed to the local Chick-fil-A. At this time our seniors had been given their shirts to wear on the trip. While in line to get our food and older gentleman ask one of the kids where we were from and where we were going? They responded “we have no idea!” We are on a special trip. This gentleman purchased all of our breakfast for that morning, because he was proud to see a group of young people following the Lord! 

Our young people expressed their thanks to him and to Chick-fil-A in their best way! By singing “As the mountains surround Jerusalem”. It was a very special time!

Onto the next destination we began heading Northeast toward the city of Cincinnati. If you are on Interstate 71, you know that as you enter into the city of Cincinnati it opens up between two mountains with a very beautiful view. As I explained “welcome to Cincinnati!”, there were some excitement in the van.

Our destination for the day was Kings Island! As we pulled into the amusement park there was rain! But we didn’t let that dampen us. I had told them to bring raincoats just in case they would get wet on the trip. Thankfully the rain only lasted a very short time and we had a fantastic day with each other and at the park!

After checking into our hotel for the evening and getting much needed showers and cleaned up, we headed out for dinner to Mission BBQ! None of our young people had ever eaten here, and we were welcomed at this establishment with smiles and one of the most unique individuals you’ll ever meet.

First, let me tell you the food at Mission BBQ was amazing! If you don’t believe me just ask all of the boys who keep raving about the barbecue, the cornbread, the Nanner pudding! Yes, the girls were raving about it too!

What made the meal complete was the service that we received from a gentleman named Paul! A couple of our kids called him Paul the apostle because he was such a servant and a place like Mission BBQ should have a Paul at every location. Paul was 75 years old and a bucket of energy! He served every one of us and spoke to everyone of us, (as well as others) and made us feel right at home. 

At the end of our meal, the store was closing for the evening and they asked our kids if they wanted the leftover macaroni and cheese, a resounding “yes!” came from all! I had asked Paul what his favorite church song was and he stated “you just can’t beat Amazing Grace” so we gathered around him and we sang amazing Grace. He joined in singing with us and when we got to the Final verse he became louder as he sang with us. I think our kids touched his heart that night. 

We concluded our day by singing around the pool at the hotel. (I will miss the singing from this group!) 

After a nights rest, we woke to the next day, destinations unknown to them got in the van and headed back west driving through Ohio, a very short span into Indiana, (that could be a bit confusing,) then back into Kentucky. Where we spent the day at the Creation Museum and at The Ark Encounter!

After spending several hours at each place which was very fulfilling and edifying us spiritually, we headed back toward Louisville Kentucky where we stopped once again for our evening meal. This time we were joined with Zack Martin, a great brother, a good friend and a preacher at the Cedar Springs church that hosted us on Sunday night. Thank you Zack, for a great meal together and the laughter! 

Back in the van and headed toward home. Returning at 11:30 PM on Tuesday night.

53 hours, close to 800 miles, 10 graduates, two interns and one very thankful youth minister to be a part of this journey.

God has blessed me well! 


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