It’s Time Parents…

It’s Time Parents…

It’s a dreaded time of life for many parents. It’s time for your child to go to college or their university. You’ve been shopping, buying clothes, furniture, refrigerators and all the necessities for your child to go to the next level.

Maybe your child is staying at home and going to a local community college or maybe they’re just going straight to the workforce. As I sit here and pray for the number of students that I know they’re making this next transition in their life, I want to share a few ideas with you, that it might help in this transition time.

  1. Remember this is what you have raised them for, you have prepared them in their lower education or in jobs to go to the next level. Be as supportive as you can by reinforcing and reaffirming their decisions that they have made. 
  2. Help them to adjust – there are a lot of things that they will not know and they will need help! I know, I know, you have taught them how to separate clothes before they wash them, they will steal mess it up! They will think the phone call to the bank to see how much money they have in their account is all that they will need. Then they will call you when that account is low. You will never quit being a teacher nor will you ever quit being a parent.
  3. Be honest – basically I called is being transparent. Hopefully, in the raising of your children you have taught them how to be open and honest with you in all things. This will help the communication realm as they begin this new journey.
  4. Be the listener – this was one of the hardest for me, sometimes your child just wants you to listen and not have an answer for everything, it’s important to listen to what they have to say and not to respond. Listen well.
  5. Pray – there’s no doubt that we all pray for our children, but this is a crucial time whether this is their first year in college or whether it’s their final year, our children need prayer not only for the parents, but the community that surrounds them. I would encourage you to get 10 people to call your child out by name every day to our Lord. When something crucial comes up, contact those 10 and ask them to pray fervently. No one needs to know who those 10 are….just you.
  6. Be Present – no, I’m not talking about the physical presence wherever they’re at. I’m talking about letting your child know that you are always there with them in their heart and in their lives.
  7. Remind them God loves them – that is something that you shouldn’t have to remind them, but in this world today it’s good to have a constant reminder that God does love them, that God does care for them, and that God is there for them!
  8. Let them know the church is there for them! – the church is there to love them, to support them, and to help out. Let them know the church needs them as much as they need the church! 
  9. Love – finally love, unconditionally. They might make mistakes, no they will make mistakes! Do not let the mistakes overcome the love you have for them!

One of the things I have always reminded the young people I work with is that who they belong to. First I tell them they belong to God and as a follower of God they want to do nothing to tarnish his name. Second I tell them to remember who they are and not to tarnish the good name of their family. People are watching uphold the family name with honor. Third I tell them not to tarnish their good name, their reputation. Upholding the name of Jesus in their life being a light for the community, a light for the church, and a light for their family.

It’s time…

I have prayed for our children today. 


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