A Nugget of Gold!

Just came out of Bible Study at The Bridge assisted living. We were discussing some history particularly about prohibition. A lady calls me over after class and tells me a story of when she lived in Chicago.

She and her brother were sitting on the steps outside of the library in downtown and her father was studying for a degree. All of a sudden there was a sound of sirens all around.

Cars came down in front of the library with men hanging out of the windows shooting guns at the police. The police of course were chasing these cars shooting back. Inside one of these cars was the notorious criminal Al Capone. 

I ask her if she was scared to see this happen? She replied, my brother ran inside of the library like a scaredy-cat! She said, I wanted to watch the action that was taking place.

I always love going to retirement homes/nursing homes and reaping the benefits that come from the lives of individuals there! Thanks for the lesson.

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