Hang In There!


Hang in There!

Now here’s a phrase we all can relate to!

I believe in all manners of life, this is a phrase that we have heard or have said to someone else.

When I used to coach a high school soccer team, sometimes we would be behind in the game and you could see the teammates beginning to get frustrated towards the end of the game. It’s that feeling of “we are not going to come back and win this game”, or “there’s no hope or sense in trying to win”, we have lost.

It was not uncommon to hear that phrase “Hang in There”! Or to shout it out to the team for encouragement. Something just to give that extra drive or that extra motivation to make it through the game to see if we could become victorious or to lose by giving it 100%.

I know that it sounds like a phrase that is just being said to get by in a moment. But that’s not what it means at all! That phrase has a genuineness that comes from the heart. It is a phrase that encourages to reach deep down inside when ever things are down when ever things are hurting, whenever things are uncertain. This phrase is a phrase that gives us hope.

It is a phrase in our spiritual life that we must recognize each and every day, because there is so much that wants to pull us away from God and sometimes we feel like we just can’t do it. We need that constant encouragement to tell us to “Hang in There”!

But what if we never hear this from those around us? What if no one ever encouraged us to “Hang In There”! What would we do?

Would we fail?
Would we lose hope?
Would we survive?

How would we cope?

I don’t know about you but I need people to tell me to “Hang In There”,
It helps me to know…

That people care!
That I am not alone!
That there is hope!

I also know that I am truly never alone…I know that God is with me and promised to be with me. I know that I have a hope through His son Jesus that I will see Him someday.

But I know what I have to do…

I have to “Hang In There”

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