Quit That!

Quit That!

How many times have you heard this? Having an older sister this was a daily statement made to either she or I. The rampant sibling rivalry, (she is older than me ) it was really easy for us to pick on each other. Needless to say it was Mom who was the one to say, (shout) “Quit10325574_741359019929_9201001097198054183_n-2 That”!

Family gatherings with all of the cousins was a prime opportunity to have mischief taking place. At some point I knew we would hear those famous words, kids, “QUIT THAT”! We also knew that there would be consequences if we continued doing those things we were not suppose to the doing!

Parents know how to use that phrase. Teachers, know how to say this! Employers know how to use it!

Jesus knew how to say it! Maybe He wasn’t as blunt as saying “Quit That” but he tells a woman that had committed adultery “go and sin no more” John 8:10

When the money changers in the temple were turning the house of God into a den of thieves. Jesus turned them away, basically saying “Quit That”!

Sometimes we as Christians need to reminded each other to “Quit That”!

Quit the backbiting and deception that turns brothers and sisters away.
Quit the waiting for someone else to contact the people who have walked away!
Quit being idle, careless, unforgiving, without love.

“Quit That”!

For those that are not christians, let me ask you to “Quit That”

Quit the life that Satan has planned for you!
Quit the complacent life of the world and be transformed in the life of Christ!
Quit the sins that will cost you your soul!

Every time I heard the phrase “Quit That” I knew that it was for my own good and well being and it was ALWAYS done in LOVE!

So with love from the depths of my heart, I hope that when you are confronted, tempted, tested and even fall. I hope you hear and listen and heed the words “QUIT THAT”!

Love you.

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