And Just Like That…

And just like that….

Class of 2016

I’m graduating my 34th class of youth group members this week. Last night we honored the 8 seniors we have at Spring Meadows.

As always, I cried.

The video, the photos, the parents and grandparents and ALL of the friends and church family who were supporting these beautiful young people made it a heartfelt night.

I was happy, I was sad, my heart hurt for loved ones no longer here.

Then I look at my kids….

They inspire me, they build me up, they make me stronger, they give me the courage to live stronger for the Lord.

I need them.

But it’s not just this class…It’s the combination of the 34 classes that I have seen in my work for the Lord. Some classes were big in number, some were small. It wasn’t the number of the young people that matter…

It was each ONE that mattered.

Thank you…
for being a part of my life,
for laughing with me and at me.
for crying with me.
for miles and miles of youth group trips.
for mission trips.
for church camp.
for Horizons.
for The Garage Bible Study.
for worshipping the Lord.
for loving the Lord.
for loving me.

and just like that….it’s over?
It’s just the beginning…

But remember this:

Once a Jerry’s Kid… know the rest…

I can’t wait for the 35th class!

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