img_5361When I had surgery on Monday, I felt as if I was at a Church Camp reunion….yes, you heard that right. When I went to pre-op, my nurse was Natalie Brewer Counts who was as sweet as ever in her disposition. After the Surgeon came in we prayed together for the surgery. Then Ben Hargrove came in and said. “I saw your chart, I am surprised it was you, you are never sick! I will be taking you down to the Operating room and giving you something to start helping you sleep.” I reassured him, I wasn’t sick, I’m just like a car that has a dent that needed repairing. Then I remembered nothing after that but waking up to the voice of my wife. Being discharged I ran into Ben Steele who wished me well!

I was comforted by seeing all of these now (adults) in their work place. I also can’t help but think that each one said a prayer inside of them for me as I was wheeled to those several places in the hospital.

All of this because of GOD! And a camp!

P.S. With the exception of extreme soreness, I’m doing great!

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