I Don’t Think It Changes


I don’t think it changes…

I’ve been reading in my journals and writings over the last 15 years and when this day occurs (9-11) my heart…it sinks.

The images burned into my mind, I see vividly. New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC.
The sounds of a day filled with newscast and nonstop coverage are a part of my hearing.IMG_3300

A thousand miles away.

Then I saw my country…unite!

For politics? No.
For government? No
For race? No

For America.

We ran to the buildings and prayed…together
We filled the ballparks and “God Bless America” took over the 7th inning stretch! Together we sang as ONE.

Church buildings were unlocked and people came in off the streets on their time off to pray…together.

We held hands of all colors…and United…together.

There was love, compassion and peace being shown…together.

Oh, don’t get me wrong…we are not perfect in many ways. We have a lot of flaws.

But I believe that Satan loves to see us divided and not united.

That’s why I want us to remember.

It’s when you try to tear us down, we keep getting up!
If you don’t believe it look at our past! We don’t stop!

It’s called Freedom, for a reason.

So on year 15 of a tragic time, I pray the same that I have each year…

Thank you God.
For life,
for family,
for protection,
for safety,
for sacrifice,
for faith,
for love,
for unity.

For America….my home

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