Tis the Season

Tis the Season…
As I sit here looking at my family rest on this Christmas day, I am counting blessings. It’s not the number of presents under the tree, not even the meal that was served for lunch. The blessings I am counting today is to think of the family I have seen over the last 48 hours.

To Louisville, Ky to see my family who allowed me to become their son 33 years ago. Granny who is in declining health but strong enough to tell you what she thinks at age 93! My nieces and nephews and great ones now too! Love abounded in that house on Friday night!

To spend time with my Mother-in-law and my Father-in-law who now struggles with Alzheimers, to see the care she gives to him and our Granny is a learning experience. She is a source of strength.

The trip from Louisville to Columbia on Christmas eve (Night) was unique. The interstate was thin with traffic and of course all stores with the exception of a few service stations were open. (There was one stop for Ice Cream) The radio was on Christmas music and we sang all the way home. To hear the sweet sound from my daughter in the back seat as she would sing “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” filled my heart with joy. The three of us together sang a long time!

Midnight and home…

Up to worship today, with my family, Pam, Danae, Mom, my sister Gail and brother-in-Law Ron.
Also, my other family from Spring Meadows church of Christ. The elders that lead me, the ministers I serve with, and the members I love so much. Setting with the teens and worshipping God with them. Then afterward the listening to the joy in our children’s voices sharing about the gifts given to them. I love this family so much and thankful for the blessing they are to me.

Now time with my family…a meal, photos and a few gifts and naps.

Just a whole lot of love!

Merry Christmas!

P.S. to the readers of this, thank you for your friendship and your love!

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