Difference Makers

Jerry Elder

Difference Makers-

You probably think I’m going to write about people I have seen making a difference in the lives of others.

I could do that!

carolina-hand-centerYou might even think I could write about those that have had life changing experiences leading to a difference in their own life.

I could do that too!

But as I write this, I’m really thinking about those that THINK they will never make a difference. They will never be at the forefront. You know…the quiet ones!

They will let others go before them, and never say a word. Let others take the credit (due and undue) for a task well done.

For the ones who love… quietly, compassionately, with a genuine heart and a humble spirit. Never expecting anything in return.

They exemplify the likeness of the Lord in a different way, teaching through their attitudes and actions and abilities. Many times they…

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