The Value of Trust

The Value of Trust

In a Wednesday night class with Parents and Teens, I decided to teach a class on TRUST. So as the opener I asked 6 of my boys of various sizes to catch me as I did a “trust-fall” from a ladder.
As soon as I mentioned this they were lined up and ready, and every parents and teens phone was on to record, “the fall”.
I climbed the ladder, the boys were prepared, I gave them the warning of “falling” and then I fell backwards and then…..


They caught me!

How many of you were expecting me to say they dropped me?

They didn’t and I’m glad they didn’t. Why?
The obvious is “I trusted them”! I also knew those that were going to catch me. I had faith in them. I believed in them, no matter what their size.

They were not going to let me fall.

When I know the Lord, Master, the Savior, I can put my FULL trust in Him.
The proverb writer, made it clear when he said: “to TRUST in Him with ALL our HEART and lean NOT on MY UNDERSTANDING.”

How much clearer can this be?

In order for me to know him, I must have a relationship with Him, knowing that he will catch me WHEN I fall.


Our TRUST in Christ should be so strong that he holds us up and KEEPS US FROM FALLING!

That’s right, we do not have to fall!
Our faith and trust in Christ leads us to obedience and keep us from doing that which is wrong!

Trust HIM!

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