The Road to Sixty – Day 71

The Road to Sixty- Day 71

It was truly an amazing day, I got to spend most of the day with some really wonderful men. A lot of them were elders deacons and ministers in the Lords church. They came to Spring meadows to attend a workshop on leader ship. To hear Dan Winkler, Larry Arnold, Dale Jenkins, Jerrie Barber, Stephen Morris and Randell Roby, what a lineup of great speakers. And to hear the elders from the Spring meadows church deliver with love and passion their love for the Lord’s church was amazing! I was honored to be on this workshop with them today.

It was my prayer that we all lift lift it up and ready to lead in the Lords church. People drove a lot of miles to come today. Why? The answer is simple they want the Lords church to grow not just numerically but spiritually.

Thanks for a great day!

I did receive a phone call late this evening about a dear friend of mine from Lexington Virginia who passed away today. Bob Hatcher was an amazing man. And he truly loved the Lord’s church and the church in Lexington. The congregation there is small but yet they are very close to each other. Please say a prayer for them as they have lost someone very close to them.

I will tell you more about Bob later.

Tomorrow I get to preach close to my hometown. I’m looking forward to seeing some of my family and some of my Friends.

I know tomorrow will be a great day! Won’t you make it great too?

I’ll see you in worship!

Till tomorrow…

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