The Road to Sixty – Day 101

The Road to Sixty – Day 101

Turning the Page

So Monday came… I was determined to get back to the routine (if I ever had one) of ministry. 

Dale and I delivered gift bags to the homes of our children in our preschool program at Spring Meadows. 

It was great just to be with him… a monsoon came, I got soaked, he stayed in the car. It was great to see several of the children but mainly their parents. Many of them do not have church homes. 

I got back to the house and was greeted by the Granddaughters (Paisley and Mila Dean) and it put a smile on my face. 

I received a call from a long time friend Stuart, every time we talk, we go back to college days and music we played. Today we talked about our parents. 

It was the call I needed…

Tuesday will come if the Lord wills. I will be ready to serve.

Thanks for loving me and thanks for the prayers.

Till tomorrow…

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