The Road to Sixty – Day 103

The Road to Sixty – Day 103

What a day!  Over 1500 people attended our annual “Trunk or Treat” at Spring Meadows tonight. It is one of my favorite times seeing the costumes and of course giving away the candy to the adults..I mean children. 

It is also great to see how our members get involved in all aspects of this event. Believe me there are months of preparation from some of the groups.

Yes, we were the Scooby Doo gang this year. Minus the dog, (Dale doesn’t like dogs) but it was fun to shout “Scooby Doo where are you?” periodically. Ironically, there was only one child that dressed like Scooby!

Is it okay to say, I love our church? I know we are not perfect in any means, but the way we reach out in many aspects from food to events like last night, to see the smiles on our members faces. Our youth group is awesome, they jumped right in to help to bring smiles to the little one faces. 

What I love is being able to welcome with Dale, Melanie and Pam, every person that attends! I know it is out of your comfort zones with these costumes, but we will never forget the smile on every face that passed by…

It was time for some smiles….It was good… Love you all!!!

Till tomorrow…

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