The Road to Sixty – Day 126

The Road to Sixty – Day 126

Travel Day – 

A quick turnaround to Alabama to take care of some business. You take the  opportunity to reflect on you years of growing up in the small town. Every turn, every place you are reminded of your childhood through your teen years. 

Even though I have been gone for 40 years…(wow that makes me sound old) Home is home. Who you ride through the community, go inside of Jack’s and see people that you know, and they still call you by your name….(Jr. not Jerry, that was Dad). 

Oh, there are many on this town that have no idea who I am, that I grew up here, that a ton of my memories are set in this place. Only a few know when I come back. I normally come in for a day quietly, have time for reflection, take care of business, visit family and then leave. 

My hometown is a great place to do this. 

A funny note… 

Sometimes I feel when I go back there, like the episode of Andy Griffith when the man knows everything about Mayberry and the people. But the people do not know him. It’s because he has read everything about that town. When I go back, I know the connections, the people, the places. 

It’s an old photo…but one of my favorite.

It’s home…

Till tomorrow…

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