The Road to Sixty – Day 235

The Road to Sixty – Day 235

I love my Wednesdays

I didn’t rest much last night…too much on my mind. So I prayed and reflected a lot.  I had the opportunity to speak at Columbia Academy Elementary in Spring Hill. I love getting the opportunity to do this occasionally. 

It was wacky Wednesday for all of them as they are going through Dr. Suess week. The were a whole bunch of THINGS and Who’s. 

After speaking to them with a cousin Russell story and about the greatest hero in the world (Jesus), a young lad Adam came to lead the closing prayer. He thanked God for the school and the teachers and the things that they have.  And then…

He thanked God for Mr. Jerry coming and bringing the “powerful stuff!”

I thought to myself, how proud I am of this young man! Of course I know his Mom and Dad! (She was in my youth group) They have trained him very well! 

I have had the privilege of speaking a lot to children…each time I think what is it I can give them to remember. A funny story? A deep philosophical thought?

The only thing I can think of that works for me is to let them know 2 things…

Thing 1 – Jesus loves them!

Thing 2 – Mr. Jerry loves them too

Adam touched my heart today, he makes me want to go and teach some more “Powerful Stuff”

Till tomorrow…

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