Transition is an interesting word. It’s a word that we use to describe change. This is the time of year when there is a LOT of change taking place for young people.

You go to a different school…

You go to a different grade…

You meet different people (teachers, other students)…

You go from Pre-school to Elementary

Elementary to Middle 

Middle to High School

High School to College…

No big deal, right?

It’s all change and it is easy for some and difficult for others.

Stress can set in, anxiety, separation. All of those things can make this change hard on little ones and adults.

Can it be easier? Absolutely!

Here are a couple of tips…

Listen to you children…find out what makes them anxious or apprehensive.

Listen to their words.

Talk with them, watch out how you say something, be encouraging, be understanding after all we ALL have had TRANSITION. 

Talk with others who have experienced transition, teachers, other parents, there is a wealth of wisdom from listening to others. 

Make the transitions as positive as they can be. If you go in negative… It will be negative.

Will it be perfect? No, but if you can make it as positive, it might be easier.

No two people are the same and character and personality plays a big part in transition. Be reminded that we are all individuals. 

Finally work together, pray about it, be involved, just being there will make the changes smoother.

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