The Pictures Fade…

The pictures fade but not my memory…

Year 12


I don’t believe that there is a day that goes by that i don’t think of you. Like most people that have lost family members, I long to hear your voice. Maybe the way you laugh and to hear some of the phrases that were just from you. 

Some times I just go to some place where it is quiet and listen. Listen for the wisdom, listen to your knowledge, listen to your heart, 

I listen to you pray and hear that phrase “with thankful hearts”  it makes me smile. 

I remember the sound of that voice when the granddaughter was born, when you were asked “What do you think?” With a big smile and loudly proclaimed “Aw right” It was one of the only times I heard you speechless. 

Oh if you were here today…

You are…

In my heart.

In my mind.

MIss you a lot, I’m still listening.


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