I Would…I Can…


In this world we live in there are the “I woulds” and the “I cans”! I wrote the “I woulds” and Dale Jenkins the “I cans”

If I could….
I would rid the world of disease.
I would mend the broken families
I would take away all the addictions
I would never see a hungry person again.
I would put a roof over everyones head.
I would take away a hurting heart.
I would take away any thought of sin.
I would fill the world with love.

With Jesus I can…
I can give compassion to the sick…
I can proclaim peace to hurting families…
I can show a better path to the enslaved…
I can share my wealth with those who hunger…
I can open my home to the homeless…
I can lend my shoulder to the sobbing…
I can proclaim salvation…
I can love.

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