It Was You…


It Was You…

It was you that made the difference in my life, and you never knew it.
How you may ask?
Let me tell you…
It was you when you passed me… you didn’t say a word…but you smiled.
It was you that opened a door and said “Hello”!
It was how you treated my friend, with kindness and love.
It was how you raised your children, that helped me to know how to raise mine.
It was you that pressed a LIKE on Facebook. I know that sounds crazy, but I read it.
It was you that prayed for me…I didn’t know it, but God did.
It was you that believed in me…when others did not.
It was you that paid for a meal, not for me but for someone else. (I saw that)

It is YOU that will make a difference in the life of others.
Be the difference.

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