Leave Me Alone!

“Leave Me Alone”!!!

It is another one of those phrases we have heard throughout life…whether it be from a small child, an annoyed teen, an angry adult or a suffering senior citizen.TalktotheHand.gif~c200

Sometimes people just do not want others around them, but that does not mean all of the time! I understand certain circumstances can dictate this phrase we have heard and used, but do not assume that people want to be left alone.


What if…
You left the child alone that have parents that are divorcing?
You left the teen alone that just suffered a friend dying in an horrible accident?
You left the adult alone that just lost their job?
You left the senior alone, that has no one to share their life with?

Who will be there for them?

If we as christians cannot be there for others when they are ready, they will turn and walk away and many times will walk away from the very source they need…God.

It’s important that we be willing to bear one another burdens and pray for one another.

Save us, we pray, O Lord!
O Lord, we pray, give us success Ps. 118:25

Serve one another, be patient toward each other, but please,


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